About Me



My name's Todd Anderson, welcome to my blog where I write about all things design!

I began writing my blog as way of referencing some of the things that inspire me each day within my role as a brand and packaging designer, writing in my very small window of downtime, evenings after my wife and I have put our little baby boy to bed or weekend mornings with a cup of coffee, whilst reading through the latest design press.

I write this blog, not out of knowing, but from a want to understand. I have found great value in connecting with others throughout the world who share a similar passion for design, from exchanging stories and experiences, learning from leading industry figures, to offering advice and support to young designers just beginning in their career, I have found myself incredibly inspired from the response that I have received.

A huge thank you to all who have taken the time to read and interact with this blog and it's posts.

Ive recently become a dad and my amazing, wonderful little boy is definitely the most loved new addition to my design life.


I'm a British designer currently based in Cape Town where I'm the creative director of a studio developing innovative branding and packaging solutions with a variety of clients; partnering with some of the world's largest retailers, alongside nurturing smaller companies just starting out.

I enjoy playing a role within the design community. I'm an active member of the AIGA and for the past two years have been selected as a mentor for the International Council of Design (ico-D) and Adobe Design Achievement Awards. I've also had the honour of winning numerous design and business awards.


I want to encourage topical discussion on creativity and innovation, celebrating both the beauty and success of the finished product, along with the journey and the processes involved. I want us to talk about inspiration, ideas and where they come from, taking risks, failing and succeeding.

The Design Life is a place where I wont be taking anything for granted. I'm going to be asking why a lot. There will be design resources, including some great books and blogs to read, guides on fonts and packaging design, information on some of the worlds best design agencies and step by step insights into real world product development.

There will be regular feature's on rare, collectable and nostalgic design. This will include a vast collection of images collected over many years, often accompanied by an historical look into the way these brands have developed throughout their lifespan.

I have also included a section on designing for good. Throughout the World, forward thinking creatives are using design to make a difference in a good and positive way. From reducing infection rates in hospitals to giving a voice to the homeless, I want this website to help promote the full power of creative thinking and the big idea. Design can make the world a better place!